Bistro Blue to be released on vinyl!

Aurora/Taiwan is releasing Bistro Blue on vinyl - the deal has been struck and the $$ have been transferred (always a good sign). Not sure of date but will post here when product is available.

Cynthia returns to the British-Irish Institute of Modern Music - expanded to multiple locations - in the UK, Ireland and Germany!

This is becoming an annual event! Cynthia will be back at the BIMM in 2017 to facilitate her Intro to Vocal Performance program, so far confirmed at Brighton and Berlin locations.

Putumayo licenses track from Bistro Blue!

Putumayo wants to use La Mer from Bistro Blue on an upcoming compilation. Deal is signed but we are not sure yet exactly when the CD will be released. In the meantime, click here to go to Putumayo's website and check out all their cool artists!

Cynthia teaches performance class at the British-Irish Institute of Modern Music!

Several years ago, Cynthia travelled to England to work with vocal students at the British-Irish Institute of Modern Music (BIMM), co-facilitating two Live Performance Workshops with British drummer and BIMM percussion tutor Vinnie Lammi (of Spice Girls fame). Students formed small ensembles and took one song through the entire performance process, with Cynthia taking charge of the vocal students. After warmups, each group went from from run-through to performance - covering stage logistics as well as music. The students who were not performing served as the audience and critiqued their peers, with Cynthia and Vinnie coaching and giving their feedback as well.

What people are saying about Bistro Blue

Dave Brubeck, composer : "Evokes memories of the past, when jazz was the popular music of the day. 'C'est si bon!'"

Allen Toussaint, singer/songwriter : "Absolutely beautiful and superbly done. Very fine production.The flavors are very tasty."

David Canary, actor : "Reminiscient of the 'shrug of the shoulders' insouciance of Yves Montand. Authentic, romantic, so... French!"  

Harry Minot, WPKN Radio : "Cynthia's voice is as excellent as ever, and her phrasing perfect."  

Christopher Brubeck, composer : "Cynthia's voice is glowing, warm and animated, with all the proper nuances and inflections."  

Michael Ross, independent journalist : "Better and cheaper than a trip to France.