Chanteuse extraordinaire of all styles!

Cynthia McCorkindale PortraitBeginning as a singer/songwriter, then classically trained, but always having a sensibility that is distinctly jazz, songstress Cynthia McCorkindale has earned herself a place alongside the world's most tasteful and talented singers, constantly reinventing herself and trying new styles.

Indulging a lifelong fascination with foreign cultures, Cynthia spent years travelling abroad, cultivating a love for France and mastering its language. "Bistro Blue," her most recent CD, reflects her passion for French music and lyrics.

Bistro Blue enjoys widespread airplay and has also been featured on National Public Radio's  All Songs Considered and continues to receive critical acclaim and enthusiastic reviews. Cynthia's first CD, "Meant To Be Blue," is perfect for late-night listening, with smoky ballads played by a hot rhythm section, featuring the extraordinary Andy Ezrin on piano.

Cynthia McCorkindale snapshot

Both Bistro Blue and Meant to Be Blue are available on the CD's page.


Meant to be blue album cover
  Bistro Blue Album Cover

Cynthia has received emails from fans who have heard her CDs playing in the record shops of Bangkok. A French couple on vacation in Bali emailed her to say that they had been listening to Bistro Blue playing in their hotel and on the beach! A woman in Indonesia even has a page on her blog - A Daily Obsession - devoted to Cynthia and her music!